Buying a home in Tenerife: when the price of the house and the beauty of the destination converge

Finding a newly built home that isn’t beyond your budget is the bane of people throughout Europe looking to invest or start a new life.

If the house is affordable, the location is a disaster: remote, with ugly views, no amenities… and if the location is perfect, you can’t afford to buy a property there. It’s either too small or the finish leaves a lot to be desired. Alas, quality and price do not usually go hand in hand, but there are always exceptions and one such exception can be found in Tenerife.

Fortunately, this idyllic Canary island has a new-build housing market where price, quality and beauty are not mutually exclusive.

Finding an apartment in Tenerife with top quality finishes, that is close to the beach, has breathtakingly beautiful views and is affordable is simple if you know where to look and this is something we at Sotavento can help you with.

In Tenerife, and particularly in the south of the island, you can find homes with terraces and garden areas for recreation, that are efficient and well connected to the island’s road network and its two airports. Houses designed for a more relaxed, outdoor lifestyle and with views of the sea.

Do you want to end the search for your ideal home? Then come visit Tenerife and find your dream home at a price you can’t resist.