Sotavento Tenerife Webinar

March 18th, 2016|Costs of buying a new-property, Costs of maintaining a property, Sotavento · Land of Nature · Tenerife|

Would you like to join one of our webinars? You might be interested in buying a new property in Tenerife and you might also have some doubts and questions about it. We want you to know all the information about Sotavento Tenerife and solve all the doubts you have about the purchase of a new [...]

Costs of maintaining a property in Sotavento Tenerife

February 17th, 2015|Costs of maintaining a property|

What are the costs of maintaining a new property in Tenerife? It is very common among future owners and people who are thinking of buying a home in the Canary Islands, questioned what the cost of maintaining a property will be, once the home has been purchased and they are already enjoying the sea, the [...]