Discover south Tenerife in springtime

They call it the “Island of Eternal Spring” and for good reason. Pleasant summers, mild winters, blue skies… sharp changes in temperature and overcast days are unheard of in south Tenerife. In fact, the annual minimum temperature is 17.4°C and the maximum is just over 24°C. What more can you ask for?

Yes, the days are longer, as south Tenerife is also privileged in this regard, having 12 hours of daylight from April to September, four more than in cities like Berlin, Oslo or Paris, and six more than in Moscow. With all this, how could we not but partake in the leisure and culture the island has to offer?

Three places to make the most of Tenerife’s extra hours of daylight

South Tenerife gifts us with three privileged enclaves that can be enjoyed at any time of year under the splendid spring sun. All of them are unique, special and embody the essence of the Canary Islands. Take note!

Arco de Tajao

A little-known, curiously-shaped natural volcanic rock formation in the south of the island, it owes its peculiar silhouette, shaped like a stone bridge, to erosion. The arch is 30 metres long and 10 metres high. Visitors can walk on top and pass underneath the arch for breathtaking views of the gorge below.

The lunar landscape of Corona Forestal Natural Park

Corona Forest Natural Park is Canaries’ largest protected area, this is a splendid spot for hiking or cycling. Pine forests and endemic flora abound in deepgorges which reveal—to the visitor’s surprise and delight—an unexpected lunar landscape ofcapricious beige-coloured shapes and forms.

Abona Sanatorium in Abades

One of the most unusual protected spaces in the south of the island,the sanatorium consists of 40 derelict buildings built in the 1940s as a leper colony. It makes for amoving and thought-provoking scene, although most visitors to the area come to take photos of thebeautiful sunset. Curiously enough, the sanatorium never received a single patient.

These are just some of the beautiful landscapes in Tenerife, but many other great privileged enclaves are waiting for you. Visit Tenerife and discover it!