Each year we travel Europe to promote Sotavento and the island of Tenerife to all those who dream of owning a holiday home somewhere special and, more importantly, with lots of sun and good weather.

We do everything in our power to offer the most detailed information in as friendly and transparent a way as possible, and we do so via our team of internal consultants and our external network of approved estate agents. It is thanks to them that we are able to attend the major trade fairs, events and breakfasts, etc., devoted to the purchase of a holiday home in Spain.

From north to south and from east to west of the continent, we try to ensure that everyone who is thinking of buying a home in Spain knows about Sotavento and takes it into account when making a final decision.

When we meet families interested in owning a holiday home in Spain, wherever that may be, our main goal is to ensure that they receive all the information they need on our offering and the procedure for buying a property in Spain. In addition, we offer everyone the opportunity to visit us in Tenerife because we are convinced that our Sotavento complex will leave them open-mouthed.

“80% of families who come to Sotavento on an inspection trip end up buying their second home from us”

For all those wishing to remain up-to-date on our latest developments and find out where we will be giving a presentation on Sotavento, we have prepared a diary with details of the places we will be visiting.

Sotavento Tenerife Events