Discover and explore the hiking trails close to Sotavento Tenerife!

It’s no secret that Tenerife boasts numerous nooks and crannies that nature chose to place in its territory. Consequently, our Sotavento developments in the south of the island are privileged witnesses to magnificent manifestations of nature. And if you want to check for yourself, here are five hiking trails very close to Sotavento Tenerife.

Five hiking trails close to Sotavento Tenerife

Sotavento Tenerife exudes tranquillity, harmony and quality of life from the moment you set foot in the complex. In this corner of the island, you can enjoy leisurely strolls along the beach, breathtaking sunsets from Montaña Roja mountain and an unbeatable spring climate. And if you also like hiking, all the better! Here are five hiking trails that are just a stone’s throw from Sotavento. Want to come with us?

Ascent to Montaña Roja

This route starts at El Médano and takes you to the peak of the mountain. Along the way, you will see dunes and volcanic landscapes as you skirt the edge of the beach via a wooden walkway. You can even see the remains of a bunker from the Second World War. However, don’t forget to bring your own water as there won’t be anywhere to get provisions along the way.

The Teide walk

What better place to see the stars than from the top of Spain’s highest mountain? The proposal speaks for itself. Simply relax and enjoy the experience.

Routes and hiking trails beside Sotavento Tenerife

Los Derriscaderos natural monument

This protected natural area of volcanic terrain features a trail through ravines, where the curious formations created by the erosion of the rocks will amaze you. However, be prepared for a 20-kilometre round-trip walk starting and finishing in Granadilla.

Barranco del Río walk

After leaving your vehicle in the designated area, a walk of just over two hours will bring you to the waterfall which is the highlight of the route. This river canyon walk offers surprising contrasts, given that it combines arid landscapes with pine forests and slopes with lush vegetation.

Fasnia Coast

A little further from Sotavento (but still no more than about half an hour by car) is the district of Fasnia. When you get here, head for the coast to take the 15-kilometre walk along magnificent beaches and cliffs. Las Eras, Playa Zapata, Fondeadero de Fasnia, Barranco del Cuchillo and Pozo de las Ceras are a testament to why Tenerife is a paradise for nature lovers.

Have you taken note of these five hiking trails beside Sotavento?
Now you have five new reasons to let yourself be seduced by nature and visit the south-east of Tenerife island. Which one are you going to start with?