Los Abrigos natural swimming pools: a natural gem at your doorstep

Can you picture yourself basking on a virgin beach beside a natural saltwater pool, surrounded by nature and with pleasant temperatures and warm waters? Well, now you have the chance to make your dream come true! And you don’t have to go very far to enjoy nature at its purest: today we present Los Abrigos – a natural swimming pool area in Tenerife, which few people know, but those who do don’t forget easily. Feel like taking a dip?

Los Abrigos: a quiet beach with natural pools

The south of the island of Tenerife has many secrets undiscovered by mass tourism.Idyllic places that only a few are able to find and enjoy. And today we want to tell you about one of those places, just a few kilometres from Sotavento Tenerife: the natural pools of Los Abrigos.

At the foot of the spectacular Montaña Roja, between the mountain and the southern golf courses, the coast of Tenerife gifts us with a succession of paradisical beaches that include Playa de Los Abrigos, Punta del Levitero and Punta del Horno. And nestled between the first two are the natural pools of Los Abrigos, a rocky cove with quiet waters, to remind us that you can always find a moment of respite in this part of the island.

Bathing in an all-but-deserted beach is possible just a few minutes from civilisation. The natural pools of Los Abrigos were created by rocky formations on the coast, which allow the water to pass through the crevices to create little swimming pools that are ideal for taking a dip while enjoying impressive views of the ocean. Do you feel like diving into this natural gem?

Los Abrigos beach in Tenerife South

The quiet, crystal waters are a true paradise awaiting anyone who knows how to find them. To get there, take the TF-65 road to Los Abrigos; once there, the TF-643 (Avenida Los Abrigos) runs parallel to the coast, and will take you to your destination. As it’s not possible to park there, we recommend you leave your car outside the village and walk the rest of the way, along the coast, until you come to the natural pools.

Close to Los Abrigos are the beaches of El Médano and La Tejita, where you can continue to unwind by the seas of south Tenerife. And all of these just a few minutes from the Sotavento residential complex. What more can you ask for?