Marine experiences in Tenerife

Not enjoying the sea is inconceivable in Tenerife, not just because of the bewitching beauty of the coastline, but also because of the myriad of attractive leisure options the island has to offer on and under the sea.

Can you imagine riding in a sailboat or motorboat in front of the cliffs of Los Gigantes or to the Bay of Masca?

The south coast of the island is the place to go to savour most of the maritime experiences to which Tenerife largely owes its fame as a dream holiday destination: watching and listening to whales and dolphins in their natural habitat from a fully equipped catamaran, snorkelling in secluded coves and discovering the island’s hidden underwater treasures are just some of the more relaxing experiences.

However, Tenerife also has plenty to offer those looking for an adrenaline rush! For instance, have you ever dreamed of riding a jet ski? Of course you have! And we’re sure you’ve also imagined yourself kayaking, surfing, windsurfing, paddle surfing, parascending and even flyboarding. All this is possible on the island of Tenerife, and the best part is you can do it any time of the year!

What’s more, very few other destinations afford the opportunity to organise an exclusive event on board a boat, whether to celebrate a family reunion or party with friends, while admiring the incredible sunset any season of the year. Can you honestly say that Tenerife is not the perfect holiday destination?