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HOME: We present Sotavento Tenerife, a residential complex located in the South of Tenerife.

LAND OF NATURE: We describe Sotavento, the place with the most hours of sunshine in Europe and where the residential complex is located.

VistaRoja Residential: Sold out!
Las Terrazas de Sotavento: Sold out!
Las Terrazas II: New apartments for sale in Tenerife.
La Tejita Residencial: New apartments for sale in Tenerife.

Description: We describe the paradise of eternal Spring.
How to get: We show you the direct flights between Tenerife and major European cities.

Shopping Centre: La Tejita Street Market: Commercial premises in Tenerife, for sale and for rent.

CONTACT: Please contact us if you have any questions or need some information.

BLOG: We keep you updated with news of Sotavento’s complex.

PARTNERS: You can get special discounts in a golf course, a sports center and a car rental company only if you are a resident of Sotavento’s complex.

EVENTS: We have prepared a diary with details of the places we will be visiting.

GRUPO VIQUEIRA: The matrix of our group of companies.