Sotavento Tenerife: culture at your doorstep

The Sotavento residential development is a large complex in a previleged in south Tenerife comprised of several property developments. Nature at its purest: a wide variety of leisure and sports activities as well as peace and quiet are the main incentives for buying a second home in this housing estate. However, did you know that Sotavento Tenerife also boasts five cultural treasures just a stone’s throw away?

5 cultural treasures just a stone’s throw from Sotavento Tenerife

Because culture is also important for our health and well-being, today we look at five leisure and tourism options where history, tradition and art provide the perfect backdrop to sun, relaxation and the beach. Want to take a look?

    1. Casa El Capitán museum
      This historic house museum recreates a traditional Canarian house from the 19th century. Located in El Calvario in the municipality of San Miguel de Abona, it currently houses permanent exhibitions on pottery, wine and the camelin addition to temporary exhibitions on different handicrafts in the island. Admission is free. Don’t miss this opportunity!
    2. Lamarthée forge
      Tenerife’s contemporary craftsmanship cannot be understood without the artist Andrés Lamarthée, whose career over the past two decades has seen him take his blacksmith’s workshop to Catalonia and back again. If you are keen to master and ins and outs of this craft, then a workshop at Lamarthée, where tradition and innovation go hand in hand, is the place for you. 
    3. Guargacho archaeological ensemble
      Also in San Miguel de Abona, this archaeological site contains some of the finest examples from south Tenerife’s aboriginal history.
    4. Frontos winery
      Just a few kilometres north of Sotavento is Frontos winery, which boasts a visitors centre devoted to the wine culture, as well as a wine cellar, restaurant, tasting room and spectacular vineyards. All situated in a carefully curated, bioclimatic architectural complex, perfectly blended with the surroundings. A visit to the winery to soak up south Tenerife’s wine culture is a must.
    5. Infanta Leonor auditorium
      About 20 minutes from Sotavento Tenerife is the Infanta Leonor auditorium, which stages a wide variety of events that includes pop concerts, theatre festivals, flamenco shows and ballet. It is definitely a cultural and leisure option to bear in mind when spending a few days on the island.

As you can see, south Tenerife is much more than just a sun and beach destination. If you come to the island, you will probably discover thousands of reasons to choose Tenerife as the best place for your second homeSo, what do you say? Are you willing to explore these five cultural proposals beside Sotavento?