Admitted as member of the Association of International Property Professionals

Is not a secret that in Sotavento Tenerife we always want to provide the best quality service to our clients, and also we are highly committed to improve the professionalism standards of our industry. For that reason… we are proud to announce that we have join the Association of International Property Professionals!

Showing commitment through AIPP membership

aipp_logomem13cmAs a member of this non-profit organization, we have voluntarily signed and accepted the Code of Conduct to ensure that Sotavento Tenerife will act with honesty, transparency and integrity in all the dealings.
We know that all these values are important for consumers and partners, and surely it’s also vital for us to see that our clients have peace of mind knowing that their purchase is ruled by all regulations and international standards, and that we are an accountable company in which they can rely.

What this badge means to you

Our membership reassures clients that Sotavento Tenerife is bounded by the professional standards of the AIPP, and its associated disciplinary procedure. And that in the event of a dispute arising that cannot be resolved directly, you as a client could request to invoke the AIPP’s Dispute Resolution Procedure. This is provided as an optional avenue of redress for clients of AIPP members. Although in Sotavento Tenerife we advised to seek comprehensive independent legal advice prior to making an international property purchase.


So as a Member of the AIPP, in Sotavento Tenerife we have voluntarily committed ourselves to industry regulation. To verify our membership, to read the Code of Conduct, or to find out more about the organization, you can visit