Stargazing in one of Europe’s most beautiful national parks

Granadilla de Abona in south Tenerife was the first place in Spain to obtain, in 2012, Starlight certification in recognition of its suitability for observing the night sky in all its splendour. One year later, the most iconic volcano in the archipelago and Spain’s highest mountain, Mount Teide, together with Teide National Park, were also awarded Starlight certification.

Those of us who have climbed to the summit of this lava mountain on foot and slept in Altavista (a mountain hut at an altitude of 3,260 metres) know what it means to sleep under a blanket of stars. This haven of incomparable beauty steeped in celestial calm is more than deserving of the Starlight Foundation’s recognition.

In both locations, visitors can stargaze on their own or join guided tours where a guide will show and explain every aspect of the marvellous night sky.

South Tenerife, closer than ever to the stars

South Tenerife, closer than ever to the stars

Finding the perfect spot to stargaze has never been easier; before, stargazing enthusiasts from all over the world had to seek out remote spots in south Tenerife in which to enjoy this celestial sight. However, since the Starlight Foundation has been awarding certification, people now have a guide with which to travel the south of the island in search of the stars.

In addition to Granadilla, in 2012 the island of La Palma was also awarded certification, and since then other parts of Spain have been added to the guide, including Gran Canaria.