In Tenerife, there’s a perfect activity for every time of year

When the sun is splitting the stones on the peninsula, we look enviously towards Tenerife, where maximum temperatures do not exceed 28 degrees. And even more so when it’s cold, considering that the temperature rarely falls below 20 degrees in December, January and February. It’s no wonder Tenerife has been called the “Island of Eternal Spring”…

With weather like this, the island’s nature reserves and landscape can be enjoyed through outdoor activities at any time of year.

From hiking to caving

The autumn months are perfect for exploring the island’s many inland natural reserves, with El Chinyero being one of the most impressive. The black lava trails and Canarian pines that surround one of the prettiest volcanoes on the island form the perfect setting for hikers and bicycle lovers, especially when on the lookout for great photos.

And how about a spot of diving in winter? The water temperature is constant, between 19 and 26º C, at this time of year. If you don’t have a lot of experience, it’s a good idea to have a specialised diving company accompany you on your underwater adventure. However, expert divers will have 60 dive sites to choose from throughout the island and visibility of between 10 and 30 metres.

Paragliding is another sport that’s perfect for winter on account of the strong and constant gusts of wind at this time of year.

Cave exploring is a perfect pastime for the summer, so why not take a 45-minute guided tour to the depths of Cueva del Viento which, at 17 kilometres, is one of the world’s longest natural tunnels, and affords visitors a very different view of Tenerife, in addition to a unique experience.

Sun and beach in spring. Without a doubt, this is the best option in the months leading up to the summer. Discovering unexplored and difficult-to-reach spots becomes an adventure for those looking to conquer uncharted territories in search of sandy, rocky and salty paradises.