Tenerife, an accessible paradise

When we say that Tenerife is accessible, we mean that in the broadest sense of the word. It is accessible in that it is well connected with the rest of the world by efficient modes of transport, has a wide array of leisure amenities and services adapted for persons with reduced mobility, and a property market with something to meet every expectation.

Close to the rest of the world

Tenerife is serviced by a huge number of low-cost airlines operating 24 hours a day, which connect the island with the main cities in Spain and Europe, and even destinations further afield, in a question of hours. There is also the option to travel in the comfort of your own vehicle and with no luggage restrictions from the south of the peninsula by ferry, which arrives at the port of Santa Cruz in Tenerife, like many other tourist cruises.

The perfect island for persons with reduced mobility

The island of Tenerife offers all kinds of amenities and leisure activities adapted for persons with reduced mobility. There are beaches, theme parks, public spaces and restaurants, etc., where you will be able to get around comfortably and enjoy yourself. In fact, the Society for the Promotion of Disabled Persons (SINPROMI) has launched a mobile app where you will find information (in English and Spanish) about accessibility on the island, which is also available on their website: www.sinpromi.es and on www.tenerife-accesible.org.

A myriad of properties and services at your fingertips

Tenerife is also accessible in terms of the real estate offering and quality of life it affords. Unlike in other idyllic islands, Tenerife offers a wide variety of newly built homes that meet the expectations of the most demanding investors while still representing excellent value for money, making the island’s property market attainable and highly profitable from an investment perspective.

It therefore comes as no surprise that Tenerife is synonymous with quality of life.