Tenerife: landscapes that look like they’re on another planet

One of the magical things about Tenerife is that you get the feeling of being in many different places at the same time, without leaving the island… With its volcanic plains and humid forests, Tenerife’s alien-like landscapes give visitors the impression that time and space travel really does exist in this corner of the globe.

The lunar landscape of Teno Alto, the capricious shapes of Los Escurriales and the famous Las Cañadas – an amazing 17-kilometre-diameter caldera with caves, rocks and streams at the foot of Mount Teideare natural wonders that will enthral you with their sheer size, uniqueness and beauty.

The Enchanted Forest (Bosque Encantado) and El Pijaral Nature Reserve in Anaga are two other dream-like places that Tenerife can boast of. A dense laurel forest, El Pijaral is a living testament to the Earth’s Tertiary period and will enchant anyone who ventures along its pathways. Steeped in legend, mystery and unique flora, the park has been declared a World Biosphere Reserve.

Dozens of places like these make Tenerife an unrivalled destination, where contrast takes on a special meaning.