Tenerife: a place for well-being

Shut down your computer, silence your mobile, take off your watch and shoes, curl up someplace comfortable, take a deep breath… and relax. Who hasn’t dreamt, at some point, of forgetting about everything and simply relaxing without noise or distractions. While this may be hard to do in large cities like London or Madrid, Tenerife is a haven of well-being 365 days a year.

Native seaweed, plants and stones that improve our health

Tenerife’s seabed is rich in algae: marine plants with powerful cell renewal properties that can be harnessed through the art of algae therapy to re-energise tired, dull, dry and oxygen and vitamin-deprived skin.  

However, this is not the island’s only natural resource. Anyone searching for a residential complex to suit their needs in south Tenerife knows that they are also going to find unique natural treatments and amenities at their doorstep.

Aloe vera’s regenerative properties and the power of warm volcanic stones are known the world over, but Tenerife has other natural benefits to boot, such as sunbathing, a sea breeze and the magnificent benefits of simply walking by the seashore to strengthen the cardiovascular system and blood circulation, all within a few metres of our homes in south Tenerife.

And these are just a few reasons why Tenerife has become an undisputed health and wellness destination, a healthy lifestyle option in perfect harmony with the land and the sea, where spacious apartments with sea views allow us to forget rush hour, traffic jams and crowds, where a radiant sun replaces the gloomy grey of large cities, where al fresco breakfast every day is no longer a utopia…

The world is packed with magical places waiting to be discovered, whose natural resources have boundless health benefits, and Tenerife is one of them, which happens to be within easy reach.