Tenerife, the best place for your second home in 2017

Nowadays, many people are deciding to purchase an apartment by the beach as a second home.  Having a home on the coast where to you can spend the weekend, longer stays in the summer or simply take advantage of every opportunity to get away with friends, is no longer a luxury. Today, we recommend the Canary Islands for that holiday home. Discover why Tenerife is the best place for a second home.

7 reasons for choosing Tenerife as the destination for your second home

    1. The climate: the Canary Islands are known as the “Islands of Eternal Spring” and Tenerife is a good example of this. With warm, pleasant summers and mild winters with no sharp drops in temperature, this is one of the main reasons for choosing Tenerife for your second home. Who wouldn’t like to be able to stroll on the beach or go to the countryside all year round?
    2. The beaches. What were you expecting? It’s no secret that the island’s main attraction for holidaymakers are its idyllic smooth sandy beaches. So why not turn this paradise into a permanent holiday by setting up a second home here?
    3. Magnificent landscapes: volcanic mountains, steep cliffs, craters, underground caves, lava fields… If there is one thing that will surprise you after any length of time in Tenerife, it’s the island’s enormous variety of natural attractions. Ask about Cueva del Viento (underground lava tube) and dare to explore it…
    4. Carnival: the people of Tenerife have a cheerful and hospitable disposition that will make you feel welcome at their parties. And if, in addition, you like getting dressed up, don’t give it a second thought! This is the right place for your seaside apartment.
    5. Delicious Canarian cuisine: puchero canario (meat stew), escaldón de gofio (roasted grains mixed with broth), ropa vieja (shredded beef and chicken ), papas al mojo (wrinkled potatoes with spicy mojo sauce)… you’ll be spoilt for choice. Why not try everything?
    6. Mount Teide: Spain’s highest mountain and one of the country’s most beautiful natural parks speaks for itself. Are you brave enough to climb its slopes at night to see the stars?
    7. A good investment: if you are intending to buy a second home for holiday rentals or to sell it later on, there’s no better place than Tenerife. The property is sure to increase in value. Come see for yourself!

If these seven reasons for choosing Tenerife for a second home aren’t enough, come visit the island and you’ll discover hundreds more reasons for moving here permanently. Quality of life guaranteed!