There is not just one Tenerife, since the island has a thousand faces and places to explore. Although Tenerife has been visited by more than 40 million people over the past 20 years, most of the time this mass tourism only focuses on one face of the island, which is not always the most authentic one. The real Tenerife starts on the road leaving LasAméricas or Los Cristianos beaches, in other words far from tourist overcrowding.

A paradise of eternal spring

Tenerife is a destination that leaves no one indifferent. As is often the case, truth is found at a halfway point. Our advice is to explore and seek out the Tenerife you want to find.

Views of Tenerife are a feast for your eyes. Taking in the panorama of the volcanic landscape at 3,555 m above sea level from La Rambleta viewing point in the Teide National Park is a must-do. And there are many other vantage points from where you can gaze at impressive, extreme and intense views whose tones vary as the light changes throughout the day.

Teide, the Canary-Island miracle

Teide is a true marvel. That is how it has been described throughout history by famous writers and visitors to the island, who include Alexander von Humboldt, a Prussian geographer who explored the island for five days in 1799. Many a book, song and painting have been dedicated to all the faces of this miracle of nature.

Another of the peculiarities of the island is its exuberant exotic vegetation forming its own universe and microclimate. The laurel forests, Canary Island pine forests, valleys, slopes covered in cacti, palm trees, euphorbias, spurge and verodes. Also worth noting are the dragon trees which are hundreds of years old and considered sacred by the original inhabitants of the islands, known as “Guanches”.

Living traditions

The island architecture is also extremely interesting. Monumental manorial houses, decorated facades, balconies and the typical inner courtyards of the Canary Islands, churches and convents. A wide variety of native architecture worth seeing and admiring.

Those who venture into the 2,000 km2 of Tenerife to explore the details of its history and chat to the locals will be rewarded with a special, unique and unforgettable experience. Tenerife’s inhabitants are cheerful friendly extroverts who are proud of their land. These people are family-oriented and know how to live life to the full.

Besides having one of the best climates in Europe, as a location for a holiday home to relax in, have fun and experience an excellent quality of life, Tenerife is second to none.