Tenerife’s most instagrammable spots

The way we travel and experience idyllic destinations has changed in recent years. It is no longer enough to simply visit our dream destination and take photographs, we now want to share all our snapshots with our Instagram contacts so that they too can partake in the experience.

Anaga Park Tenerife

As you can imagine, some places are better suited than others for taking the perfect photo to share on social media. The island of Tenerife, for instance, is one of the most instagrammable destinations of the moment; some corners of the island are true drawcards for travellers looking to immortalise their holiday and share it on the Internet.

Mirador Masca Tenerife

Tenerife BeautySome of the most photogenic and photographed scenes on the island of Tenerife are:

– The untamed Anaga Rural Park and its rugged coastline, immortalised by indefatigable hikers;
– The climb to the top of the Teide at sunset and the views from the summit at sunrise, as a testament to the beauty of the landscape and the achievement of climbing to the top of Spain’s highest mountain;
– Arco de Tajao natural rock arch, which lends itself to unique photo opportunities;
The granite frame of Garachico and its natural swimming pools, especially if we are photographed swimming in their waters;
And the banana plantations bathed in sunlight.

However, these aren’t the only places sought out by visitors to the island: Tenerife’s marvellous beaches at sunset, envy-inducing swimming pools in luxury resorts and humid forests straight from a fairytale abound on Instagram with the hashtag #Tenerife.

Tenerife Spot

Because, nowadays, we all want to capture the beauty of the places we’ve visited and shout to the world: Look! What a privilege to have discovered this corner of the globe! And Tenerife is arguably the perfect destination for just that.