Why choose Tenerife to invest in real estate over other international beach destinations?

This is the question would-be buyers looking for a home in an idyllic location with sun, sea and excellent weather are asking themselves when Tenerife grabs their attention.

Stability, security, excellent value for money and sustainable development tip the balance in favour of a destination that has reinvented itself to cater for a new type of consumer.

South Tenerife, the perfect place to live

  • The climate is one of Tenerife’s biggest attractions compared to other destinations in northern Europe. Undeniably, the island’s excellent climate and unique natural landscape make it a dream place to live.
  • The type of tourism. If you compare Tenerife to other destinations on the Mediterranean, what will stand out is the type of visitor and resident that prevails in the area: nature lovers, sports enthusiasts seeking the tranquillity of exclusive golf courses, families looking for blissful natural destinations, etc.
  • The island’s privileged location. Tenerife is unique and known the world over for its manifold and monumental natural attractions; in short, it’s a destination that never goes out of fashion and continues to welcome hundreds of visitors from all over the globe year after year.

These are just some of the reasons why foreigners decide to buy a home in south Tenerife. What about you? Are you considering Tenerife for your next home?