Investing in a home that is backed by AIPP has many advantages, do you want to know them?

In a property market where prospective foreign customers are becoming increasingly common, a number of estate agents and development companies promote AIPP membership as a major advantage. However, do consumers know what this means, and why they should, ideally, purchase homes from AIPP members?

What is the AIPP

AIPP stands for the Association of International Property Professionals. This quality badge brings together more than 300 real estate professionals and is the the most prestigious association of its kind in the UK.

The AIPP is a legal advisory institution that provides information to UK citizens about buying a foreign property. It does not sell properties directly, but its members, comprised of development companies and estate agents, voluntarily subscribe to the AIPP code of conduct, which provides greater guarantees when purchasing a home; a guarantee which we in Sotavento Tenerife not only defend, but continuously strive to expand upon.

 Why go for a property that’s in the AIPP

If you are interested in purchasing a second home in Tenerife, going for a property that’s in the AIPP will give you additional purchase guarantees, which ultimately results in a better buying experience. Against non-transparent investment groups and property developers who are only looking to make a quick profit, AIPP members must comply with a strict code of conduct focused on buyer satisfaction.

The benefits of buying from an AIPP member

The main benefits of purchasing a property from a developer that is a member of the association are:

  • Dealing with a company that has at least three years’ experience with UK agents in the real estate market, and a reputable name in the sector.
  • Guarantee of compliance with a professional code of conduct by the developer at the risk of being sanctioned or even expelled from the association.
  • Negotiations with an organisation that has received specialist training in the tax and legal aspects of buying and selling properties according to the UK system.
  • The AIPP creates credibility and trust between property developers, intermediaries and buyers.

It that’s not enough reason to go for a property that belongs to an AIPP member, then take note: Sotavento Tenerife. Where it’s always spring…