Why Tenerife is the perfect place to escape the cold

We could say that Tenerife is the best place to escape the cold because of its excellent climate and magnificent beaches. We wouldn’t be lying – far from it – but it would be an understatement. Because Tenerife isn’t just the “Island of Eternal Spring” and beautiful beaches, it’s also the island of diversity.

Cultural diversity, because we can attend must-see events, such as Carnival and the traditional festivities celebrating Our Lady of Candelaria.

Natural diversity, because we can enjoy the sea on a surfboard, the mountains on leisurely hikes and the power of the wind from a paraglider.

Another compelling reason is that the island’s beaches are extremely warm all year round, and the sensation of sinking your feet into the warm, fine volcanic sand of Tenerife’s virgin beaches is unparalleled.

Do you need more reasons?

  • Because you don’t have to travel thousands of miles by plane to visit a natural paradise.
  • Because the range of leisure activities and water and outdoor sports is infinite.
  • Because it’s impossible to resist Tenerife’s superb cuisine.
  • Because an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity pervades every nook and corner.
  • Because the people make life easier.
  • Because the prices are affordable.
  • Because the word nature – in the form of volcanoes, cliffs, humid forests, natural swimming pools and ravines – is written in capital letters.
  • Because harsh winters and cold autumns are unheard of in Tenerife, where it is always spring.

Need we go on? Better not, because it’s time for you to experience for yourself what Tenerife has to offer while the rest of Europe is shivering in the cold.